• Ebook An introduction to nonlinearity in control systems

    Ebook An introduction to nonlinearity in control systems

    The ebook is intended to provide an introduction to the effects of nonlinear elements in feedback control systems. A central topic is the use of the Describing Function (DF) method since in combination with simulation it provides an excellent approach for the practicing engineer and follows on logically from a first course in classical control, such as the companion volume in this series. Some of the basic material on the topic can be found in...

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  • English for mechanical engineering

    English for mechanical engineering

    The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has implemented the four year mechanical engineering program since 1974. A major revision was made in 1997, when the total credits were reduced to 153.5 and 30 percent of the credits were required to be taken from the courses given in English. The graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Program will have the following basic characteristics besides the principal and genel qualifications of an engineer:

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  • The complex structured singular value

    The complex structured singular value

    A tutorial introduction to the complex structured singular value (μ) is presented, with an emphasis on the mathematical aspects of μ. The μ-based methods discussed here have been useful for analysing the performance and robustness properties of linear feedback systems. Several tests for robust stability and performance with computable bounds for transfer functions and their state space realizations are compared, and a simple synthesis...

     71 p itc 08/01/2013 233 2

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